30 May 2011

Freedom has a price

When I was a child my mother told me a story of how when she was a little girl during World War II the Military would notify families of a of loved one’s death by way of a Western Union telegram.

She went on to tell me that when her and her friends would be playing children’s games in the street and the neighbors would be doing yard work if they saw the telegram carrier coming down their block on his bicycle everyone would freeze in hope that he would keep going.

One day he didn’t, he stopped at my mother’s friend’s house.  Everyone knew why he was there and the sorrow to come was unavoidable.

My mom said the screams that came out of that house that day were unforgettable.

That story has been with me for the last 40 years and as I get older I have come to realize just how much of a sacrifice it is when a young man or women gives themselves to our country.

Freedom has a price and whether or not you believe in the cause there needs to be that understanding that there are still men and women who are willing to fight for our freedoms and they should be honored.

"The Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, 50.5 acres in extent, is situated in a beautiful wooded area. The cemetery was established on December 29, 1944 by the 609th Quartermaster Company of the U.S. Third Army while Allied Forces were stemming the enemy's desperate Ardennes Offensive, one of the critical battles of World War II. The city of Luxembourg served as headquarters for General George S. Patton's U.S. Third Army. General Patton is buried here.

28 May 2011

Echo at work and at play

Oh what a vacation that would be!

When will it end

Our Prayers go out to the people of Joplin, Missouri

Reminds me of the Graham movie theater

The Graham was a little out-of-the-way theater in the isolated neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.  My friends and I would go to the mid-night showing of Rocky Horror and if it was raining you would have to find a seat where the rain didn’t drip on your head.

Converted to luxury

The competition

The Seven Social Sins

27 May 2011

Fishing with the family

Last Sunday we took the kids fishing at Wolf Lake in Davie.  Its 50 acres of quiet relaxing paradise and when you’re there you forget you’re in the middle of the city.

The road is long ...

She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister

Someone mention chips and dip?

Echo pulls in a big one

Did you see that?

Heading back to the car in style