30 June 2011

Heading home to South Florida

We left around 4 am and drove until 2 am the next day, stopped at a motel, showered, slept, ate and got back on the road.  Long and trying is all I can say.

The morning after

The next morning we woke to a dense fog that gave a spooky feeling that was very different from the last 5 days of sun shine.

What an adventure this is going to be!

The anti-climactic ministorm of 2011

The day before we planned on leaving there was a dark mass in the distance looming over the mountains but far enough away that we didn’t worry  about.  We went on with our day and about 4 o’clock or so we got back home and notice that the winds were picking up, picking up enough that the trailer flipped on edge … only kidding

So it was the strangest mini-storm I ever seen, as the dark cloud moved over the property the other half of the property was bright and sunny with only the high winds being an indication that something was about to happen.

As the cloud picked up speed there were all these little spinning clouds within the big clouds which made me think – TORNADO.

So I grabbed my camera, started clicking away as Judith brought the kids in the trailer, the shaking rattling trailer and it rained for 20 minutes and moved on.

But it was pretty fascinating how quick it formed and how quick it disappeared.

28 June 2011

Bulls eye

Boy that's loud

Powerful too

Mom looks right at home, doesn't she?

Oh, the kick

Hank takes aim

Josiah takes this very seriously

Not bad ...

Girlie with a gun

Do I strike a pose now?


Everyone should get this excited from hitting a blade of grass at 50 feet
esp. when your aiming at a log. :)

The kids go fishing

We spent a day at the Fred Berry Conservation Education Center for the Family Fishing Fair.  They had free fishing at the stock pond so the kids could learn to fish and under the pavilion there was all the your could eat hotdogs and chips.

Legend says some big corporation was going to buy the land where the center now sits and put in a rock quarry but a one of the long time locals won’t hear of it so he bought the land and donated it to the county and had the center built for the children so they could have an free county run educational nature center.

We need more individuals like Mr. Berry.

Silas gets his rigging

Silas catches the first fish of the day

Fishing with Elise and Silas

Girlie catches a big one ...

but doesn't quite know what to do with it

Skilled fisherman Echo

Hank catches one too

Fish too small!

Hey, Jo-Jo did you catch anything?


Judith relaxes in the comfort of air con at the Conservation Center while feeding Emerson