30 November 2012

My cousin Danielle's Christmas tree

Martha Stewart would be proud.

A peaceful place for a morning walk

Cool accent

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

Rustic worship

                                                     By Brother O’Mara, via Flickr

I love the white buck

The farm table from heaven

Getting in the mood

23 November 2012

Let the insanity begin!

Our first Thanksgiving in the Ozarks

Another great Holiday meal by Judith

Papa, it won't start.

Morning Frost

                                                                                        By Silas

My apologies to Silas, I mistakenly gave Hank credit for the above photo and in fact it was Silas who snapped this beauty. I should not be surprised that they are all talented little buggers. Papa

20 November 2012

KC Co.

Just a quick update

December will bring new adventures for all of us. Echo and I will be heading to New York to do hurricane restoration work while Judith and the young ones head to Michigan to spent 3 weeks with the family for a long overdue visit.

The plan is to meet back at the Homestead on or before Christmas Eve to celebrate our first Christmas in the woods.

My computer’s still down and probably will be until I return to Arkansas in late December. I’ll post whenever I get the chance via friend’s computer and hopefully Judith will be able to post her own adventures in Michigan.

Please bid us luck and pray for our safe journey. 

Very cool

Let's sleep in


Fall colors, winter frost

Ring a ding, ding

They might have choked Artie ...

Honey, where'd you put the Christmas tree

Wandawega, Inc.

Fire wood

Heading out

18 November 2012

I hate it when my computer freezes up.

Last week when I posted photos of the pretty frost on everything I gave no thought to the effects cold weather has on things especially my hard drive. Being that I haven’t lived in seasonal climate since back in the mid-eighties and being that I have lived in a climate controlled environment for the last 25 years I had no idea that if your computer is in a cabin in the middle of the woods during a cold snap with no heat it could destroy your hard drive. 

How’s that for a run-on sentence.

So here’s what happen, sometime in the last few days after a few nights of below freezing temperatures I went into my cabin turned on my computer and got a whole bunch of error messages. After several attempts at re-booting I realize something was very wrong. So I ran into the house and Goggled “does extreme cold affect a hard drive?”

Answer – YES.

Below freezing temperatures does serious irreversible damage to your hard drive.

Who knew?

If computers like to be warm what’s the little fan for?

How come they don’t come with a little computer cozy?

Where’s the big red warning sign?

You know don’t use in shower or while on medication and oh yeah, by the way this contraption is not a Snow Board so keep it warm, around 70 degrees warm.

At this point I’ll be glad if I can retrieve my family photos and videos.

Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

05 November 2012

Old school craftmanship

Don't dream it be it!

Clean Lines

Fall Colors

Beautiful little cabin in the woods


For my Girlie

Red Wing Beckmans in Cigar

Keep in mind Christmas is coming!

Holding Strong

Not the Popeye we remember

Warm Glow