30 November 2011

RIP Ingrid Pastorius

RIP Ingrid Pastorius, Wife of Jaco Pastorius (1950-2011)
By Reed Fischerpublished: Tue., Nov. 29 2011 @ 3:47PM

Ingrid Pastorius with Jaco Pastorius' four children -
 John, Julius, Felix, and Mary -- in 1983.

​Ingrid Pastorius, who was married to virtuoso electric bassist Jaco Pastorius between 1979 and 1985, died on Monday after reportedly suffering a stroke. She was 61.

A native of Indonesia, Ingrid also spend time in Holland and Puerto Rico before moving to South Florida at age 20. She then worked as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, and reportedly was spotted by Jaco before they met on a flight between Fort Lauderdale and New York. Ingrid and Jaco began a relationship in 1977 prior to his work on the Shadows and Light tour with Joni Mitchell. They then married -- Jaco's second marriage -- in July of 1979 in Guatemala, and bought a house in Deerfield Beach with money he made on tour with Mitchell. Their fraternal twin sons, Felix and Julius Pastorius, were born June 9, 1982.

A lengthy interview with Ingrid at JoniMitchell.com indicates how close she was with her husband's work -- notably he was also a member of Joe Zawinul's Weather Report beginning in the '70s.

She had this recollection of being by his side while he worked on Mitchell's Mingus album: "We were staying at the Sunset Marquis and we were going to the studio and the horns parts were decided in the studio and then we went back to the hotel," she says. "I think he stayed up until like five in the morning. He wasn't using any drugs or alcohol. I have to mention that, too. (laughs) Great things did happen when he was sober. The next morning we went back into the studio and the horn parts were incredible."

Her favorite composition of her husband's was "Three Views of a Secret," according to an interview she gave to ZawinulFans.org: "Initially it bore my name, but I felt uncomfortable about the idea at the time. I do not regret making him change it, for I just simply love the name it is now."

In the mid-'80s Jaco's bout with manic depression worsened, and Ingrid decided to leave him so that she could take care of their sons. They divorced in 1985, but as she wrote on her personal site, "emotionally, and spiritually I remained attached to him, his music, and now his soul."

Jaco Pastorius preceded his wife in death in 1987 following a violent altercation outside a Wilton Manors bar.

Jaco and Ingrid Pastorius during the 1980 Weather Report tour.

​While raising Julius and Felix, Ingrid Pastorius took part in several projects to remember her late husband -- including Pastorius Park in Oakland Park and a postage stamp campaign. Her family could not be reached for comment at deadline.

As has happened on several occasions in the past, Ingrid was planning to host a birthday celebration in honor of what would have been Jaco's 60th birthday on Sunday, December 4, at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. The event information is here, and once we hear more, we'll update this posting.

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We knew Ingrid for some 15 years or so and throughout the years we would see her at parties, gatherings and in Downtown Hollywood.  When she saw us she always had a kind word and a big warm smile on her face, she seem to bring a feeling of love when she was in your presence. It's a shame she had to go so soon.

She will be deeply missed and our sympathy goes out to her two boys Felix and Julius, her family and her friends.

Julius, Ingrid & Felix Pastorius
Ft. Lauderdale, August 8, 1998
Polaroid taken exclusively for JM

27 November 2011

Christmas candles

Quite the festive ride

Cold down winter in the city

This is it.

This is the one right here.
No need to wrap it just set in the living room next to the couch.

Size is relevant

Simply amazing!

Winter is not a personal experience

Occupy Humor

That Wilson boy always was a little dimwitted.

I love you man.

‘Essence of Winter’ by Kevin Council


The best of Black Friday quotes

"The difference this year is that instead of a nice sweater you need a bullet proof vest and goggles," said Betty Thomas, 52, who was shopping Saturday with her sisters and a niece at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, N.C.
Her final quote regarding all the sales "If I'm going to get shot, at least let me get a good deal,"
If you would like to read the complete article click on the link below:

Cabin Fever

Norway - John Spinks

This one is more like “New England estate fever”.

Breaking Ten Thousand

This weekend our family blog broke the 10,000 page view mark and we would like to thank all of our faithful followers.

Thank You!

25 November 2011

I guess this says it all

I posted this last year and nothing much has changed so sit back and enjoy.

In fact if you want a real laugh or just want to feel sick to your stomach at how people act in order to acquire so called Christmas gifts go to YouTube and search “Black Friday Fight 2011”.

It’s pretty sad, I don’t really get. The little shopping we do for Christmas is done completely online. Safe, quick, energy saving and it’s delivered to our house by our nice UPS guy who’s always smiling. You can’t beat that with a stick although I wouldn’t go to the mall without a stick or full riot gear.

That’s so last century

Being from the last century and growing up in a traditional Italian (Catholic) and Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood we were taught to respect each other’s beliefs systems and holiday worship. 

Back in the old neighborhood unlike today, Christmas’ celebratory mood didn’t start in late August, it started the day after or should I say the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Mom would usually set up the tree on Saturday evening while I watched “It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” on one of the 7 free television stations we so proudly received on our Magnavox console television.

It was a time that Christmas had meaning; it was a time when it was about celebrating the birth of Christ and about relationships, relationships between family, friends and community.

It wasn’t about sales, it wasn’t about numbers. It was about spirit, it was about feelings, it was about hope, it was about being together.

So now in good conscience I can feel those feelings, I can start saying Merry Christmas to all those I come in contact with even though most cashiers have been instructed by corporate to say “happy holidays” as not to offend.

I can start to hope that Christmas will be a new beginning and that next year will bring positive changes and new adventures for me and my family. I can hope that I make a difference in my family and friend’s lives; I can hope that we all make a difference.

So to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! *

*Unless of course if you’re Jewish which in that case Happy Hanukkah! If you’re a believer of Islam, Hinduism, Chinese traditional religion, Buddhism, Primal-indigenous, African Traditional & Diasporic, Sikhism, Juche, Spiritism, Baha'I, Jainism, Shinto, Cao Dai, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Neo-Paganism, Unitarian-Universalism, Rastafarianism, or Scientology  I don’t know what if anything to say to you so please disregard the pervious  greetings or farewell of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

And last but not least if you’re a Secular Nonreligious Agnostic Atheist I like you anyway so without any religious connotations or judgment Merry Today and Happy Tomorrow!

Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends

The first pie made the night before

Pumpkin pie

Silas and Girlie help with the making of the chocolate crème pie

The rewards of being part of the cooking staff

Helping with the prep work

Ready for the oven

Where do I sit?

Family and Friends

l to r: Echo, Natasha, Olga, Rick, Josiah, Elise (Girlie), Grandpa Joey,
Hank, Silas,Grandma Sheila, Cindy, Emerson, and Judith

Our Thanksgiving feast

Good friends

l to r: Rick, Olga, Me, Judith, Natasha, and her mom Cindy