29 April 2012

Went to a garden party ...

Two weeks ago, we had a going away party with friends and family. Many people came by to bid us a fond farewell and reminisce about old memories and new times to come.

 It was very heartwarming to see how much we are loved and will be missed - which makes it even harder to say goodbye :’(

23 April 2012

Farmstead Meatsmith (Kathy, best not to watch this one)

We have to get there first

14 days to go with the possibility of a 1 week delay.
Movin's not easy!

New shoes

Tempest - Meadow in the French Alps

By Chris A

Rainbow season

Can you just feel how cold it is?

Words to live by

Bottom land

Coffee pot on open fire - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

 by Palojono on Flickr