13 January 2014

I don't really need a reason ...do I?

We finally cracked open that guineafowl egg

You can see the difference in size compared to a regular egg. 
It's going to take a lot of those eggs to handle a hungry man.

Hey we need a woodburner ... okay I'll get right on it.

When you live in the country you should always have a secondary heat source in the 
event of a power outage. We kept our eye out, got a woodburner at a really good deal 
from the local Trading Post and once we decided on the placement I started the install.

Prepped and ready for stone

I collected stone from the creek bed, cutted them down to size 
and Judith and the kids cleaned them up

Mapping out the stones

Got my rhythm going

Almost done

The next day the mantle went up

Sealed and ready for grout

Through the roof and ready for the chimney pipe

Double wall to single wall

Silas showing off the new stove

Dad there a fire in there

Warm and toasty

Judith turns ...

Girlie getting ready for Woodstock

                                                                                                               Cellular photo by Judith

Echo and his new car

                                                                                                                                      Cellular photo by Judith