28 June 2013

Me and my ellum (watermelon)

Emerson and Larry 

A little R & R at Kelly's Slab

Peaceful easy feeling kinda place

Hitching a ride

Ole blue eyes ... which one?

Marking Twain

Mama Hen with her baby chicks


You call them sea shells?

You could be my cowgirl anytime

Risky Business

Sometimes he needs to be sedated

The happy couple

The rain clouds that don't share :(

Life is good!

Cute as pie and just as delicious!

A Country Flower and her dog

The Laundry Shack

Another fun filled day in the heat

Setting up the shed so the runners can be replaced

Termites had a field day with these runners

Finishing up on the new 4" x 6" x 10' pressure treated runners

Is it break time?

Wasn't this a scene in the Wizard of Oz?

I love it when a plan comes together

Echo prepping the area for the Laundry Shack

Silas helping with the strapping

Hank and I take a break

Get Serious ... Echo



Tin roof ... Corrugated

So long old laundry open air room.
No more covering the washing machine after each use.
No more having to setting up a heater in the dead of winter to thaw the frozen transmission.
No more living like we're on Gilligan's Island.

Let me ax if we could.

Paul Bunyan I'm not but it was fun taking down a tree with my trusty ax.


Another great find ... a praying mantis. 

Unfortunately they are not all great finds, the next day Josiah brought in the dry pool clothes and Judith told him just sit them down on the floor so everyone could grab their prospective bathing suit.

A moment later she looked down and said is that real? Yes, a real scorpion crawled out of the pile of clothes. Sorry no photo due to everyone running out of the house screaming … only kidding but there is still no photo.