30 June 2012

I don't want a pickle ...

We made it!

After a long painful three day journey,

Sinus infections for all,

Stomach virus for some,

Sleeping in the car and truck on the way,

Eating crappy food,

Arriving early morning to no electric, no running water and a dry as a bone spring, and the hottest summer in decades.

No air conditioning and no indoor plumbing, and most of all … no cell phone coverage or internet.

Ticks, daddy long legs the size of your fist, dive bombing wasps, scorpions, deer, and coyotes.

The death of our new dog Daisy

Run away horses.

Bathing in crooked creek.

And after 22 days of cultivating a killer beard and not punching a clock but working harder than ever we have electric, air conditioning, internet, cell phone coverage three miles away next to the only liquor store in the county, an outdoor shower, clothes line, compost toilet, refrigerator and most of all we eat outside every night in the fresh, cool evening breeze.

Our days are filled with fresh air, peace and quiet. Followed by night skies full of stars and a deep restful sleep.

We moved to a big park. Back in the city you have to purpose yourself to find a stand of trees and fields of green grass but we live smack dab in the middle of trees, mountains and field of green grass as far as the eyes can see.

Blue Jay in flight

03 June 2012

I want a little bit of everything…

After much ado the day has come

After much stress and every obstacle you can image we finally started packing the truck yesterday and plan on leaving South Florida this coming Tuesday the 5th.  If all goes well we should arrive in Arkansas on the 7th. 

Once we arrive there is a likelihood that the power would not have been turned on so there’ll be no electric.  The water and septic has to be installed and hooked up plus there will be no kitchen or bathroom to really speak of so it’s going to be an adventure.

Also the blog will be on hiatus because the telephone lines are not in yet so there’ll no internet.  I image will be up and running within 10 days or so, so please check in.

Until then, remember: Inspiration is powerful, once inspired magic can happen”.

A peaceful path

A beautiful suit

A soaking tub with a view

Down in the Valley...

Little Italy, New York

Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy

A warm and cozy den

Makes sense to me

Summer in my belly

Girlie a gogo

Lamp ...Check

Check your oil? Ma’am

It's more then sleep

I got a 65 Cadillac

A great lake house

Great roof line

High and dry

Lovely Logics

Obstacles ... what obstacles?

Echo's big birthday bash

The morning of Echo's birthday