31 March 2012

Boy Circle

Homeschoolin' Echo


Beach Boy Josiah

Silas charming the birds out of the trees

Our little chimney sweep Girlie (Elise)

Emerson - April of 2011

The Great Computer Crash of last Monday

I woke up last Monday to a black screen telling me that my computer is corrupt and my “Computer Guy” has been working on fixing the problem ever since and hopefully it will be ready this coming Monday.
Sorry for the lack of posts without a computer of my own it hard to post being that most of the photos are stored in my now corrupt computer and Mr. Black Screen won’t allow me access to any of my files.
I writing this from Judith’s computer and I know that she has some photos worth posting so maybe I can do a blast from the past kinda post.
As of tomorrow we are looking at 37 days to the big move, talk about pressure.

23 March 2012

A visit to Marando Farms with Jeannie

Judith and Jeannie

Fresh is an understatement

The Pig Pen

Emerson hears the train

This place has an old farm charm

There’s even organics for your dog and cat

The birthday girl!

Grizzly Emerson

A hen and her chicks

Papa and Mama