29 February 2012


Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

69 days to begin our dream

Work, downsize, and pack, paperwork, family, homeschool, life … repeat.

Trying to keep up with all that needs to be done with the clock ticking is quite wearing.

More things come up and more things go undone but I keep telling myself we’ll kick into overdrive and all will be accomplished.

On a brighter note, find some really great photos of Judith growing up and hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to post them.

26 February 2012

Quote of the day

People go to LA to be somebody,
People go to New York when they are somebody,
And some go to Miami to be someone else.


24 February 2012

Wanted for slipper chewing

Reclaimed windows

Falling water


73 days and counting

We're scared


I love the water shelf

Lantern Patio, Provence, France

Early morning

18 February 2012


After many years of symptoms and poor quality of mind-set, we as a family found a specialist to diagnose what has been ailing all eight of us in recent years.  After several hours of tests, it was determined that we all suffered from N.D.D. also known as Nature-Deficit Disorder.

As you can well expect, we were shocked by this news and were afraid of what this devastating diagnosis would bring.  How would having a disorder change our life, what changes would we have to make, and most of all, would the quality of our life drastically change forever?

You betcha!  The doctor wrote us out a prescription to move to the country, breathe fresh air, eat fresh vegetables from our garden, explore the woods, run through the meadow and take off our shoes and get some soil between our toes!

You know what they say … Doctor’s orders – Gotta go.

79 days and counting.

Playing in the dusk


Elise (Girlie)

What's that?

Silas and Emerson

Extreme Emerson

Photo credit: Judith

17 February 2012

Vrrroom vrrrroooom!!

Get your motor running...

Bye Papa!

Vrrroom vrrrroooom!!

Bicycle Daredevil

Oh that look! 

Photo credit: Judith

16 February 2012

And now a few words from Judith

Well our adventure starts in less than 82 days and our present days are filled with downsizing, packing and stress.  We’ll be moving from 1100 square feet down to 650 and many things have to go including half the children … only kidding. 

The idea of relocating to 41 acres – most of which is wooded – without running water, a septic system, electricity, a kitchen, bed rooms, or even steps to get up into the mobile home sounds a bit extreme and crazy to some.  But to us it sounds like a chance of a lifetime and an adventure of that the children will always remember.  They are thrilled and ready to go and continually start sentences with “When we get to Arkansas …“.

Some of the added stress Joseph is experiencing comes from running a business while at the same time trying to close it down. It can be so difficult to know where to draw the line and when to say no to more work.  He is also preparing his long-time customers for the prospect of finding a new contractor to replace him.  Many are heartbroken to see us go.

Speaking of being broken hearted, moving far away is bitter sweet.  On one hand, you can’t wait for the adventure to start and, on the other hand, you leave a life that you have been building for 25 years with so many great friends and a close-knit family.  We love a lot of things about being in the same place for decades. 

Daily life is filled with friends and playmates and millions of happy memories.  All of our children were born, raised and schooled in this little house and we have a fond attachment that runs deep.  We often talk about how it will be when we leave Hollywood for the last time.  We’ll have to remember to pack the Kleenex!

There are so many aspects of South Florida that we’re going to miss, the many wonderful friendships, terrific relationships, and many good people.  But just like a book each chapter brings a new adventure and for us the remaining, adventurous chapters will be spent in the country - living out our dreams.

15 February 2012

Can it get any better

Ivory Soap

 Robert Kelly, Kelly-Abramson Architecture

Fresh blanket

Snow Flakes

That Dickens boy always had a way with words

Come on in, the coffee's ready


Simply Stardust

A Beautiful corduroy pattern in the snow

Over powering wisdom

 Jeff Swanson

13 February 2012

A night out on the town with the girls

I took Judith and Elise out to dinner at Catfish Dewey's in Fort Lauderdale this evening. It was an early celebration for Valentine’s Day.  The food was great and I was out with the two most beautiful girls in South Florida, my wife and Girlie.

Excited to be going out on a special night with Papa and Mama

Driving on 95 in heavy traffic

Oh no!

False alarm, just bad New York drivers

The two most beautiful girls in South Florida, my wife and Girlie.

So happy! 

A relaxing time

I have a secret ... it's a gift for my little Girlie.

My little girl!

Just what she always wanted

My little Valentine

The chocolate tastes good too!

Back at home with my Valentine Judith