26 July 2012

I guess that answers that question.

This afternoon Judith and I were standing by the forest, not actually in the forest but next to it and a tree spontaneously fell down and it made a sound and we heard it.

...true story

18 July 2012

Brave New Life

I wish I could work like this

Forever Eight

 by Alexei via Flickr

Aviemore, Cairngorm, Scotland

by Ian Cameron

The new scale that doen't hold anything back

Good-bye city life

Can Abe come out and play

That old wreck

17 July 2012

We know that’s not happening today

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

 Greek proverb

13 July 2012

From bathing in a creek to style

On more than one occasion we had the pleasure of bathing in the local creek reason being it was too late to impose on our friends for the use of their shower.  It wasn’t bad if you like washing up with your clothes on.

After the pickup arrived I went and got our 275 gallon cistern and headed right for the county fresh water spring. It’s free, it’s clean, and it’s free!

On the way home I stopped at the hardware store and picked up a small sump pump and with some garden hoses we were set with a nice outdoor shower.

Just enjoying the comforts of home, er ... the woods.

Even though it’s not finished it’s a major improvement.

Branson Airport in Missouri

Echo flew out of the Branson Airport in Missouri. It’s the cutest little airport you’ll ever see.  It’s about the size of Bass Pro Shops Out Door World’s front cashier section and even looks like it. Everyone smiles even the TSA agents.

It was just sweet as pie.

Echo heads to Fort Lauderdale

Echo flew back to Fort Lauderdale to visit family and friends and perform in a play at the Broward County Public Library for his homeschool drama club.

He ain’t the little boy he used to be, he left tall and confident like the man he’s become.

Oh yeah’ let’s not forget cool … real cool.

Orphans preferred...

1947 Knuckle Head

George Clooney.

The Morning Fog


Way back when


Hang out in the woods


Come on in the door's open