26 November 2010

So many options

A civilization is so delicate

Out of clutter ...

Look back Friday – Mishaps and injuries

Judith and the curled wire that was just removed from her foot

Echo’s first laceration

Echo proving the warning label wrong

Hank’s first missing tooth

Josiah’s attempt to eat the sidewalk

Just a bump on the nose

Josiah realizes the best thing to put in one of these bottles is … water.
Oil got his arm out as quick as it went in.

Silas' not happy with gravity

Elise post-op after swallowing a piece of plastic

Point of entry 

What’s missing is the day I shot a 3 ½ inch 10d ring shank decking nail through my right middle finger with a pneumatic framing nailer and had to cut it out with a serrated knife.  Unfortunately I didn’t have access to a camera but the image is etched upon Judith’s and Echo’s mind.

Through all of this, Elise’s ordeal was the most terrifying but either way, Judith and I were always there for them or each other.  It’s all in a day of being together as a family.

23 November 2010

I want a pair of those!

I hear they make a pair of these to be worn in any governmental centers, instead of a rain gauge they have a Bullsh*t gauge.

It’s really getting deep in here.

The best part of waking up …

Yesterday the Brown Guy delivered my 4 to 8 cup Stainless Steel Farberware Yosemite Stovetop Percolator coffee pot. 

Life is good because you know what the best part of waking up is?

Off to grandma’s house I go ...

Those were the days.

I have fond memories of being a kid and asking my mom for a Life Saver as we drove somewhere in her big 1963 Caddy Coupe De Ville.  She would reach into her pocketbook, pull one out, hand it to me and I would spend the next few minutes trying to clean off all the tobacco and lint before tossing it into my mouth.  Those were the days.

21 November 2010

All those dreams and adventures

Did you ever look at an automobile and wonder how its first day of sale played out?  Was it a father with his daughter picking out her graduation gift or a young man with his first big bonus check going to the next level? How about a husband and wife looking for their first station wagon after finding out they’re expecting?

What happened to those cars? What became of someone’s baby, someone’s hot rod?  All those memories of hot summer nights cruising down the boulevard looking for girls, or running away from it all with a girl friend, that first journey off to college, packing the kids in the car for a drive-in or ballgame, and road trips during the holidays.  All those dreams and adventures some good, some bad, still in our hearts.

For most of us, those dreams and adventures are etched in our minds but where the cars are today, we couldn’t say, but when asked, the memories are as strong as though it was yesterday.

A camp fire, friends, marshmallows, hot coca, a good movie and a peaceful night sleep

We had a campfire last night, which was our first opportunity to try starting a fire using a fire starter.  Of course being a carpenter I always have a lot of kiln dried scraps of wood hanging around so even when using matches, I have perfect kindling.

After making a small pile of kindling with the fire starter lit and placed in the middle, within seconds the kindling went up.  I added more kindling and then some logs and it only took about 8 minutes to have a raging fire. It was definitely worth the time and effort to make the fire starters, they save time and the hassle of struggling with starting a camp fire.

After the fire got going our friends Ed and Christine stopped by with their children for a short visit, we had a nice time as the kids ran a mock.  Soon after they left we enjoyed dinner as a family and then roasted some marshmallows and had hot cocoa by the fire.

The night ended with watching a good movie with Judith and a peaceful night sleep.

Molly the wonder dog