30 January 2012

A Cabin in the woods

Forest Lodge in Siberia by Vasin Valery

Upstate New York. Submitted by Linda Edwards

Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, his son Camper,
and their dog Bamboo in a backyard cabin in Portland, Oregon.
Photo by Carlie Armstrong

Grass roof

Cabin on Black Butte, Oregon - 2011 Stephen Tamiesie

Dream Cabin - Hinton, WV by Lou Murrey

Orcas Island, WA, Cabin. David Vandervort Architects

Little cabin in the words

The meeting place

28 January 2012

The pictographic Hobo Code

“The pictographic Hobo Code is a fascinating system of symbols understood among the hobo community. Because hobos weren’t typically welcomed (and were often illiterate), messages left for others in the community had to be easy for hobos to read but look like little more than random markings to everyone else to maintain an element of secrecy. The code features certain elements that appear in more than one symbol, such as the circles and arrows that made up the directional symbols. Hash marks or crossed lines usually meant danger in some form.”

25 January 2012


A Tiny Day in Jackson Hole

A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.

I love the cup

Old world tools of the trade

Sleep walking through dreams



Looking for Whoville


Warm and toasty on the inside

Support the little guy

From Grass to Cheese: The Nolan Family Farm from Milk Products on Vimeo.

23 January 2012

Quote of the evening

I wonder how many original thoughts are left in the world?


A short funny film about ice fishing

A Short Film About Ice Fishing from Jason Shahinfar on Vimeo.

Old house, old car

 by walla2chick

Ponthus’ Beech

by Christophe Kiciak

My first camera

AE-1 saw by dapple dapple on Flickr.

A good place to relax

The Hillbilly Big Ten

The best part of waking up ...

Why Mildred, I do love your hair!

Morning Frost

Vacations gone by

Route 66 Photographed By Giorgio Fochesato

Hi ho, Hi ho. It's off to work we go!

Wonderful January

"What? You too?

20 January 2012

"famous flower of manhattan"

Mobile Photos from way back when

Silas at the Monster Truck Show



Judith - Beautiful hair and a beautiful smile

Still beautiful

Echo and I at work

Joe the painter

The Crew Master - Silas

The Crew

Josiah with smoothie in hand


Can't hang with the big boys

Silas out like a light

Me ... always stressed