29 December 2013

It's a dog's life

They say getting a pet is a heartbreak waiting to happen and when you move to a rural community it hits closer to home more than ever whether your dog is shot by a neighbor because he or she took a liking to eating their chickens or they got too close to a pack of coyotes and lose. Who knows what could happen when they have 100 plus acres to roam.

Well nothing that dramatic happened to two of our dogs but a couple of weeks back Daisy our Beagle came home filleted with a 2” long cut on her hind leg from who knows what and out came the Crazy Glue and I’m happy to report she’s doing nicely. It is amazing what that stuff can do it’s crazy.

Last night George disappeared into the woods and didn’t come home for dinner. The kids, the three other dogs, and me went out looking for him in the woods as it started to get dark. About 30 minutes into our search, the sun went down and the big galoot comes running over to us in the dark soaking wet. Why I don’t know it was about 38 degrees out and water would be the last thing I would venture into.

So, we walk back to the house and feed him his dinner and after he was done he comes over to me for his nightly pet which I did and his fur didn’t feel right to me so I look at my hand with the flashlight and notice my whole hand was covered in blood. His blood.

 Seems he had a fight with a bramble thicket and lost. The top of his head and the side of this neck had all these baby cuts. It seems these dogs need to learn the hard way.

By the way we only came home with 2 dogs the other two were lost in action in the woods for another two hours.

It’s a dog’s life.

28 December 2013

Hank feeding the multitude

Emerson in the Woods

... in a sort of creepy way.

Moon over the Homestead

                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Judith

Our first guineafowl egg

That's one tiny egg.

Bone and Arrows

Mountain Cabin, Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Snowy Waterfall

Rawhide, anyone? And please pass the ham.


... and now for somethnig completely different

Simply Fascinating

Temple Bar, Dublin - White Christmas

                                                                                                 By a guy called John

Santa Claus

A Wintery Morn

Thinking about Christmas Future

25 December 2013

Let the unwrapping begin

Our Ozark Christmas Eve Feast 2013

Due to regional restraints our traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner had to be tweaked a bit. The antipasto pretty much stayed the same but our yearly zuppa di pesce had to be down sized to spaghetti and clams with shrimp and the lobster tails were replaced with crawdads.

As you can guess Terror-in-the-zoo (terramazu) had to be replaced with homemade chocolate pie and key lime pie … aww, what a shame.

A Big Box store is not the recommended place to satisfy an Italian palate especially in the Ozark but as usual the meal was perfect.

Sandy Claws

Emerson's happy it's pie time!