30 November 2013

What is this caramel apple you speak of?

A few weeks back we made the kids some caramel apples and being that they never heard of them it was quite a treat.

They never seem to look like they do on the packaging.

Doesn't seem to matter to the children as long as it's fill of sugar.

Girlie loses another tooth

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Silas and Gus the Cat

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Judith gets a hug from her baby boy

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Echo and I have a moment

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Cats, dogs and chickens oh my!

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Emerson's turn of last century's farmer photo

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Getting in the mood

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Silas and his new haircut

Christmas Family Photo 2013 - Having fun with Echo

Welcome to Sherwood!

Howdy Partner!

Christmas Family Photo 2013

Once again we come to the end of the year and sit down for a family photo for our Christmas card. The challenge is for all eight of us plus animal props to sit still for a split second and look good. 

We're always up for a challenge.

28 November 2013

Home To Thanksgiving

Lithograph, Home To Thanksgiving, published by Currier and Ives 1867

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

25 November 2013

24 November 2013

Breakfast Time

Good morning all! Woke up this morning to clear skies and 19 degrees of winter wonderment. No snow just clear fresh air. I let the chickens out of the hen house and gave them their morning breakfast of last night's compost then I let the dogs out so they can run in the woods and cause a ruckus with the rabbits and squirrels. It's a day of rest for us and we'll be attending the annual Thanksgiving dinner at our local church 
then we'll have an afternoon of R & R.

Life is good.

Planning ahead


Well ... Don't

Winter Work Shop

Danielle's Christmas Tree 2013

What do you say we lay in bed all afternoon?

Desi & Lucy

Thanksgiving in New York 1940

Early Morning Curise