29 March 2013

A Valentino Vamp

We need to get us some Goats

Laugh Out Loud

Ain't that the truth

Hey Mack!

If you don’t love pie, don’t talk to me.

We have nothing in common.

I must keep my bearings

Farm Use

It's all you really need

Cedar up close


With a Smear

After a long hard day at play

Being funny together

There ain't enough reasons not to!

Molly the great watch dog

Everyone loves a group photo

Cedar Watermelon

Emerson found this wedge we cut out of a cedar and picked it up.
He then said it looks like watermelon but when he took a bite he said "too hard". 

Still don't need a reason

We're waiting for the Lorax to show up

Everyone needs a Thneed!

27 March 2013

Trees for the raised boxes for our garden

Echo and I cut down 12 trees yesterday for the raised boxes for our garden. Today we’ll cut down another 6 to 8 more trees and tomorrow we’ll start cutting them down to size.

Hopefully by the middle of next week we’ll have the boxes in and start filling them up with dirt.

I now know why they say being a lumber Jacks is hard dangerous work.

This is killing me!  ;)

Cook out in the bitter cold

Mr. Meaningful

Do I really need a reason

My Girlie

Silas tries his luck at broom making

Our resident medicine man


Living the dream

I bought my pick up when Echo was about 4 or so years old and it never really did see the light of any mud until this year. 

Now I understand why people go muddin’ and fall in love with their trucks. 

Cause its fun!

23 March 2013


We all need a day off and with it being all wet 
and muddy outside today's the day, hopefully

Who ?

There is nothing like a hot outdoor shower

Into the dream

I have to build one of these tables this summer

Kinfolk Magazine, Vol. 7. Feature on Epicure Catering

Control Yourself

Washing Tub

I hate it when I forget where I parked


Good Morning