20 August 2012

Hands of a Hardworking American

That’s 6500 degrees Ladies and Gentlemen!

The only one who enjoyed the heat was our dashboard hula girl

After close to 65 days of 100 plus degrees from sun up to sun down it finally dropped down to the mid to high eighties during the day which makes it most comfortable especially at night.

It was a brisk 55 last night which means toasty warm blankets and you can see your breath when you exhale. I didn't see that very often mid-August in south Florida.

We only have about 60 or so days before it turns cold and then I guess showering outside will be out of the question.

14 August 2012

My big brother Echo

Elise (Girlie) and Echo

Who needs Maybelline Great Lash® Mascara ...

when you have our genes.

Emerson Turns Two!

The result of licking the frosting off a wide metal spatula … a great big smile!

That’s my cake.

Lunch Special: Fresh Catfish and fresh brewed coffee
whipped up by Judith.

As we were singing Happy Birthday he blew out the candle
more times then we could count.

Cake time!
He's such a neat eater.

Gift Time!
Hiking boots and a dump truck

11 August 2012

Sheriff Taylor would have been proud.

The kids have been going fishing and have caught a bunch of good eatin’ catfish. This post is combined with last Friday and yesterday’s catch.  Yesterday we were able to enjoy 14 lbs. of fresh catfish for lunch in honor of Emerson hangin’ with us for the last two years.

And now a message from our sponsors

Things have been quite hectic to say the least.

Life has definitely stood in the way of my good intentions.

I know the blog has been suffering

and I’m way behind but I’ll try to post like I had in the past.

The posts are going to be out of sequence because events may come up that just need posting, like Emerson turning two.

One thing before I continue: Moving is a major drag but was it worth it?

You bet!