24 June 2013

Update on the Rain Collection

Last weekend’s predicted storm seemed to have more show and less blow than expected. I was quite frustrated because most of the storm broke up and went around us leaving us with a small amount of collected rain.

These three photos show a very scary cloud formation that only produced three minutes of rainfall. By Sunday night I had given up on getting any significant rain collection and figured we’d have to wait for the next big storm.

Well, business as usual, we did our nightly routine and went to bed. Monday morning we woke to find almost 200 gallons of collected rain water in the cistern. Evidently it rained during the night leaving us with a good amount of water and what’s even cooler is that since last week even though it hasn’t rained when we wake up every morning we find that the water level gets a little higher each day.

I spoke with a friend about this and he said his system can produce up to 20 gallons of water a day just from the morning dew.

Go figure.

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