31 December 2010

The end of another pet era

After more than 5 years, our sweet Madagascar Day Gecko Anansi has passed on to the big insurance company  in the sky.

Anansi left behind a modest dirty fish tank he called home, a ceramic water bowl with a faux cactus, a tree branch and 12 crickets.  He will be deeply missed.

The boys stand close to Anansi’s resting place, at Shady Backyard Lawn.  Echo dug the hole that morning not realizing that a Madagascar Day Gecko is way smaller than a horse.

Some of the boys try out the resting place which is one of our family traditions.

The hand-off.

Hank places Anansi in his final resting place.

A final few words.

The cover up.

Hank and Silas complete the job.

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