27 December 2010

Holiday update

We had an enjoyable Christmas weekend that started with a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner of sea food, family and friends and ended with Judith and I watching a romantic comedy last night alone together on the couch.  I had planned on taking this week off but like all things our plans never seem to work out.  Let just say this week will be rather lite.

What made this weekend so special was I turned my cellular phone off last Friday morning and now I’m staring at it debating whether or not to ever turn it back on.  Life would be so much better if I was able to let the battery die and never look back but I guess in today’s world that ‘s not possible is it?

Hope you have a nice week.

Christmas Eve dinner with the grandparents

Barbequing clams

Dad gets new jeans for Christmas

Jimmy and Hank

Josiah's new scoon-kin hat

New pillows for Echo and Hank

New purple trippers for the girls

A new butter dish for the wife

Silas gets a watch for Christmas

Grandpa and Emerson

Julie and Olivia come by for a Christmas Eve camp fire

Backyard commandos

Ben, Jeanie and the kids come by for a Christmas day cook-out

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