30 December 2010

Handmade gifts are always the coolest

Below are Elise and Silas’ special handmade Christmas gifts that I put together this past week.  It’s always been a tradition for me to build little things from time to time.  The first thing I built was when Echo was a toddler, I made him a custom set of blocks made out of teak, maple and mahogany.

This will be the third workbench I have made; it usually takes them about three years to destroy one.  Let’s see how long this one last.

The super special thing this time around was building a kitchen for Elise. Within seconds she went right to work alongside Judith in the kitchen pretending to make dinner and wash dishes.  Truly a lovely sight to see. 

For years the boys have always been by my side pretending to be me and helping me with house project and Judith had no one at her side.  Now she does and it's a wonder to watch how happy Judith is to have a little companion.

Everyone should have a companion and Judith and Elise make a great team.

I used cabinet grade birch plywood, a dog bowl for a sink and rosettes for burners.

Every boy deserves a workbench

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