28 July 2013

Dog and Cat Show

We took the kittens to Flippin and Gasville to meet up with some nice people that promised to give them a good home and life. One was a couple with a little girl and the other was a young married couple.

We kept the mother cat so Joe would have someone to avoid.

While in Gasville we meet up with Josh who had a litter of Catahoula/Labrador pups which would be a fine companion for Molly who is a Catahoula/English Bull dog mix.

He brought 3 pups and the kids got to pick the one that most appealed to all.

We picked the darker spotted one and I named him George Milton after the lead character in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. I don’t know why but it seem to fit.

Can I have a bite?

On our way to meet the gang

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