15 July 2013

Our new Chicken Coop

Our friend’s Rick and Marlo were generous enough to give us a chicken coop they no longer needed. The trick was to get it from their property to ours.

In comes John, so we went next-door wrapped some chains around the coop, 
lifted it up, and started the ½ mile journey. 

Trying to stabilize the coop from swinging.
Didn't work!

Somewhere between there and here things went awry.

John went up an incline in the road, the backhoe bounced, the legs hit the ground and broke off and the bucket went through the roof.

Quite entertaining to say the least.

Hey John do you have a match?

All was not lost; we continued on our way, repaired the legs, and set it in position. After John left Echo and I went back over the legs, straighten them out, and reinforced them.

Today we’ll work on the top portion and dry in the roof.

Things are coming together.

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