20 July 2013

Let it rain, let it rain

For the many years I would hate when it rained. Rain meant seclusion, not being able to work outside, getting soaked while loading the truck, no beach time, etc. now living in the Ozarks and not having running water we actually pray for rain.

Well, it hasn’t rained for the past 4 weeks and that first 200 hundred collected gallons of rain water lasted about two weeks with taking showers and doing laundry so it’s been somewhat empty for some time.

We’ve been told daily since then by the Weather Bunnies and the Weather Fairies that there’s a 30% sometimes 50% chance of rain but it never comes much to our disappointment.

We’ve watched storms that stretched from Texas up to Montana that were two states wide and as soon as it got to our county it broke in two, went around us and re-group on the other side leaving us hot and dry.

Yesterday was different, we were going about our business doing the things we do daily when all of a sudden around 3:15 the wind started blowing, skies darkened up, the thunder started thundering, lightening started striking, and drip by drip it came down in buckets. Not really in buckets but you get what I mean.

The down pour started about 3:50 and lasted about an hour and 25 minutes.

Needless to say there was lots of dancing and smiles.

Some people go to Disney when they are happy or accomplish something … we do laundry.

It’s laundry time!

Dust from the driveway blowing up in clouds

Auntie Em, Auntie Em where are you?

Ominous black clouds

Rain in the distance

Clouds all around us.

Scary isn't it?

The first few drops

Emerson doing the rain dance while Silas catches rain water

We thinks this is for real

Free truck wash

Expressions of joy

It's been so long forgot how to work this thing

Rain, rain ... everyone loves rain!

One hour and 25 minutes of rain hailed a little under 400 gallons of water
and the forecast call for for rain for the next 5 days.
We'll wait and see.

For those of you that don’t understand what the big deal is you need to know that our cistern on the back of the pickup holds 250 gallons of water. Those 250 gallons last us around 4 to 5 days with watering the vegetable garden daily, household water and one load of laundry  and even though we get water for free from the county spring we have to pick it up.

Each trip is about 18 miles round trip, it take about 1 ½ hours for each trip and we do this sometimes 5 times a month. With the 400 gallons of rain water we will be able to use that water for showering and laundry which will cut down on our trips to the county spring.

The new water system from the Town of Pyatt is in the final stages of completion so we should have running water soon.

Then we’ll be like everyone else with running water but where’s the adventure and romance?

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